Four Must Watch Movies on Wine

 Four Must Watch Movies on Wine

The world of wine has always held a sort of mysticism and intrigue. A magical land of ancient Chateaus, traditions and legendary people. This, with the flare and prestige associated with wine even from service, has even seen some people disassociate themselves from it labeling it standoffish and stuffy.

We are not denying that this has been true for some years, however not any more. Winemakers now embrace technology and are getting more creative by the day with the wines thy produce. Sommeliers have lost the monocle and are now urban rock stars shattering long held views about people in wine and the journey of their creations.

Sit down and enjoy a quality glass of fine wine. Then watch one of the movies below.

It is therefore no surprise that movies, showing these extraordinary characters, have been made documenting these changes and challenges to the outside world.  in that perhaps makes 2ine more approachable, understandable and educative.

Five Must Watch Movies on Wine

  1. Somm: into the bottle

A sommelier’s must-see documentary follows four would-be master sommeliers as they prepare for the international award. Out of thousands of aspiring sommeliers, only a few get invited into the program and fewer still succeed to use MS as their title. Currently, there are 225 Master Sommeliers in the world.

Pssst: There is a sequel set for release this year (2018).

Five Must Watch Movies on Wine

  1. Sideways.

Had very serious effect on the consumption and sales of Merlot and Pinot Noir upon its release. The gist of it comes from a conversation our lead characters have on their bonding trip to wine country.  Jack, just engaged is whisked off by Paul, a long-time friend on his last trip as a single man where he is intent on having one last fling. Not to spoil but we hope you still love ‘F@$king Merlot’ after this. We do.

Five Must Watch Movies on Wine

  1. Bottle-Shock

Based on the very true story of an English, somewhat stuck-up, wine expert Steven Spurrier. Spurrier is in California looking for wine for a blind tasting in Paris when he stumbles on excellent Chardonnay.  He later invites prominent wine judges to what is now the infamous Judgement of Paris. A very entertaining and educative watch for the avid oenophile.

Five Must Watch Movies on Wine

  1.  Red Obsession.

In China, red is a colour associated with good, luck and prestige. Which is theoretically why white wine sales suffer in this region in favour of red wine. Wine itself is also viewed as a marker of prestige and the very rarest and exquisite red wines are in high demand.

Red obsession, beautifully narrated by Russell Crowe follows the wines journey from Bordeaux to China through the eyes and experiences of wine critics, sommeliers and merchants.

Four Must Watch Movies on Wine is just a few movies to enjoy along with wine. There are quite a number of other movies associated with and detailing wine’s journey and the passion behind it. These four however are a must watch for anyone serious about understanding wine. You can watch them on streamed at high quality to your phone, tablet or T.V. Click on the image below and start streaming today with one low price.

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