Go Ahead, Have a Glass of Wine a Day

Go Ahead, Have a Glass of Wine a Day

glass of wine a dayApples stole the little phrase that should have been for wine. Yes, glass of wine a day might keep the doctor away. While it sounds like fool hardy and doctors wish to distance themselves from it, you just cannot ignore facts. Ever notice how people from Mediterranean countries indulge themselves in hearty meals washed down with local wine and live long? It might also sound like a wine lovers excuse to savor your favorite drink and ignore the dietitian.

The fact that most diets have us staring down food and obsessively counting down calories is enough to drive you up a wall. For them not to even consider the passions involve in wine? Barbaric!

I will confess, I love a quiet evening filled with spirited conversation, a good dinner and a glass of fine wine.So much so that I got myself a very handy subscription to Direct Cellars wine club. Boy was that a God-send! Every month they send me a case of four curated fine wines complete with tasting notes. There’s even a free box, just click the link and get the details.

Ever the health nut, I wondered if I was overdoing it. It is alcohol after all. So I asked a few Sommeliers and my doctor about consumption and whether or not I might go over a tipping point. Here’s what I got.

  1. There is a limit.

Let’s start at the stern. Alcohol dehydrates you. Which is why you need to drink lots of water before, during and after wine. Which is the reason for hangovers. What’s more, there is a recommended amount for both men and women. It goes without saying, you shouldn’t be drinking if you are underage. The recommended amount is or so one glass for women and two for men. Ladies, we can’t win this one, they have more body mass than us. Which is why we also get drunk faster. Boil that down to seven juicy glasses a week. Just store the wine correctly and pour yourself a glass like Olivia Pope.

If that proves hard, sign up for Direct Cellars or invest in fine wines, delicious and well crafted, it will be much easier to tale your time on each bottle as you appreciate its subtle changes through the week.

  1. There are some health benefits.

glass of wine a dayPolyphenols, the red-pigments found in grapes are also present in other berries but in lower quantities. They contain certain compounds that can avert or slow ailments from certain diseases. This is backed by studies so please do your research. It however is very important you have wine in moderation. Wine opens up blood vessels and reduces cholesterol, prevents blood clots and fends off heart disease. Claims have been made on Polyphenols ability to slow Alzheimer’s.

  1. It’s fantastic for your skin.

Working better than an real-gold anti wrinkle cream, Polyphenols increase the blood flow around your face.

4.Wine calories are more forgiving

Hurrah! If you are like me, guilty of calorie counting, our lives just became a lot more cheerful. Calories from food are unabsorbed the same way as those from alcohol, they are re-worked into energy. Calories from alcoholic refreshments go into your liver and are eventually filtered out. Did someone say ‘bathroom break’? However, you must treat your body with care and try not to overwork your liver.

Saving the best for last, here’s an excerpt from a study on alcohol intake and change in body weight among US adults (pubmed.gov).

“Men and women who drink alcohol tend to have a stable body weight over a decade of observation compared with their non-drinking counterparts, whose weight increases”

Go Ahead, Have a Glass of Wine A Day!