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Prescription Glasses as Low as $40.5 as Fast as 24 Hours

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Free form Digital Progressive Lenses

Free form Digital Progressive Lenses (FFD PALS) are Progressive lenses that are manufactured using a new digital free form technology. The new lens is far superior to conventional progressive lenses but not as widely spread as the older designs.

Wider Field Of Vision:The first and perhaps the most important to the user, is that free form Digital Progressive Lenses provides a much wider field of vision.

Customization: Free form digital progressive lenses are called Free form because they can be fully customized. Manufactures of the lenses are not limited by a fixed or a static design, but can fully customize your vision correction for optimal results.


Precision: In the old days, optical manufacturing equipment was capable to produce progressive lenses with a precision of 0.12 diopters. New Digital Free form Progressive Lenses are made using the digital ray path technology software which allows us to manufacture a lens that is precise up to 0.0001 diopters.

Our Promise

We guarantee that the free form digital progressive lenses we manufacture, are the most technologically advanced and most user friendly. 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed.