To Vape or Not to Vape

To Vape or Not to Vape

There are many reasons why people smoke. Now that e cigarettes have come about, many are switching to them for many reasons.


The question still rises, is vaping healthier than smoking. As a non-smoker, I believe both affects your overall health to yourself and others. What I do find is that vapes do not have a lot of smoke around it and since there are flavors, do not smell as bad. Being next to someone who vapes doesn’t affect me like cigarettes do in which I am totally allergic to.

I know smokers complain that they have the right to smoke where they want, but don’t non-smokers have the same right not to be around it to affect their health? When I taught, it was hard to be around the kids who come from homes that smoke for they and their clothes smelled like smoke and filled the classroom.

Since I do not like any form of smoking or chewing, it isn’t my choice to participate in it but my choice not to be around it.

With that said, I think vaping is the lessor evil of the two. Vaping doesn’t not fill a room with smoke nor does it leave a lingering smell on person.

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