Vapes-The Rise of E-cigarettes

Vapes-The Rise of E-cigarettes is definitely becoming more popular than smoking.

vapes-the rise of e-cigarettes

Vapes or electronic cigarettes are devices are produce an inhalable vapor or aerosol. Vapes come in different shapes and sizes and deliver a vapor that may contain nicotine, different flavors, and other chemicals. An e-cigarette can be disposable or rechargeable. The most common types of electronic cigarettes feature the shape of the regular cigarette or the old-school tobacco pipe, but many also come in the form of designer pens, flash drives, and so many other shapes and sizes. Vapes, which are also known as e-cigarettes have gained massive popularity in recent years as manufacturers claim that it helps nicotine addicts break free of their smoking habits. Nevertheless, the body of research available on the health risks of using vapes are not sufficient to determine whether its safe to use or otherwise.

How does a vape work?

Vapes use a simple mechanism that vaporizes a liquid which the user inhales. An electronic cigarette has four components including a cartridge, a heating element, a power source, and a mouthpiece.

The cartridge serves as a storage for the e-liquid, which is the liquid that is heated to create the vapor.

A heating element which is called the atomizer raises the temperature of the e-liquid until it becomes vapor that the user inhales.

A power source which consists of a small battery.

The mouthpiece is the medium through which the electronin smoker inhales the vapor in a process known as vaping.

Can vapes harm your health?

The National Institute on Drug Abuse states that vapes may be harmful to health, but their effects is not as high as tobacco smoking. The biggest concern with vapes is that they also deliver nicotine into the user’s system. Nicotine is the real problem of tobacco smokers as it is a fiercely addictive substance that makes the user become dependent on it. Some studies have also reported that usage of vapes can increase the risk of nicotine addiction in teenagers. Some countries don’t allow the sales of e-cigarettes to teenagers as they view it as tobacco smoking. Despite the misgivings about vapes, what is clear is that is is a less harmful alternative to tobacco smoking and some people have been able to quit their nicotine habits by switching to electronic cigarettes. There is fear that the e-liquids contain chemicals that may be harmful to the health of those who use vapes. Apart from nicotine, e-liquids can contain chemicals such as nickel, cadmium, and chromium which are toxic.

Regulation of vapes

Many countries have different regulations for vapes. Some countries classify them as medicine while some categorize them under tobacco. Despite the wide publicity given to the device, some countries like Indonesia don’t allow the use and sales of vapes in their country. Also, some countries do not allow teenagers to buy the product until they reach eighteen years of age.

Summary on Vapes-The rise of E-cigarettes

Vapes are the next big thing in the world of smoking as tobacco continues to receive negative news. Despite the claims that it helps nicotine addicts quit smoking, many hold the view that it is unsafe because it also delivers nicotine into the user’s body. Nevertheless, the consensus has been that it is safer than tobacco smoking, although their isn’t enough scientific data to back up many of the pronouncements made about e-cigarettes.