Vaping Essentials-Best Vaping Products

Vaping Essentials and Best Vaping Products

Vaping essentials

What is vaping?

As the name suggests, it has a lot to do with vapors. Vaping has been here for quite some time now. There has been a lot of myths and misunderstandings about vaping though. That is due to it being new. Most people aren’t educated about vaping yet. Misinformation has also circulated by cigarette companies too. After all, there was never such a competition before.

Vaping is well adapted by millennials and homeland generations. They are the youngsters of today and as such not teachers. But they are now doing enough to promote the positive trend of vaping. So what is vaping? In simple words, it is the act of inhaling vapor. A device vaporizes the juice which is then inhaled by the user. This safe inhalable extract can then be further inhaled or exhaled out.

Most of the youngsters use it for playing while older users usually enjoy the nicotine. Not all juices contain nicotine though. There are various juices for various reason. Vaping is quite diverse and thus the market is huge. Previous smokers as well as non-smokers enjoy vaping. Vaping is the future, many say.

Vaping products

Mod (vaporizer device)

A heavy mod is usually the size of a mobile phone. Heavier mods have more power in them. And come with features such as temperature controls and adjustable resistance. These options are set as desired by the user. As this is an electronic device, it comes with rechargeable batteries.

SMOKr R200

This sleek looking mod is one of the best in stores. It generates 200W power, enough for those thick clouds to rain down. It has a decent size of 85.5x55x23mm in relation to its features. Comes with temperature control up to 600 Fahrenheit and adjustable resistance. Comes in two attractive colors. Silver grey and ash black.

For those who are into the technical aspects. This mod is compatible with various coils including nickel and titanium. It has an OLED display for brighter and clearer display. The battery cover is magnetic, forget about taping your mods anymore. It also has USB charging option. One can keep vaping by connecting it to a power bank if the batteries dry out!


As the name suggests, this stores the juice. One end of the tank is attachable to the mod while the other is for vaping. The tanks are usually made up of glass. This gives a quick look to see how much of juice remains. One has to be careful though as dropping might break the tank.

Arctic turbo sub ohm

This tank is a beast. The turbine technology lets you inhale good amount of thick clouds without burning. The turbines cool off the heated coils. This increases the pulling time. And much smoke is inhalable without coils reaching their pull limit. This tank also comes with built in high quality coil.


The tank also contains coil and cotton. The juice is partially absorbed by the cotton on which the coil is tightly wrapped. On pressing the button, the mod generates the power to the coil. The coils upon heating vaporize the juice absorbed by the cotton. This vapor is then inhaled.

However, this process wears off the cotton inside the coil. It’s in regular need of change. Those who have been vaping, they do it themselves. If you are new to it, the store you got it from can fix this for you. Although good quality coils do not rust, longer uses wear them off too. Wearing off of coils also depends on the usage. If you are a heavy vape user, you might even need to change your coils every week. It is also not safe to vape using worn off coils.

Cleito 120

Aspire makes these replacement coils. A well-recognized manufacturer of vaping coils. The Maxi watt coil is well wrapped over organic cotton to give smooth and distributed heat. This distributed heating allows the perfect formation of clouds without ruining the taste. Taste is usually ruined when the cotton gets burned due to targeted heating. It has a resistance of 0.16 ohms and is capable enough to output 120W of power.

vaping essentials


Juice are mostly made up of water. This flavored water has safe chemicals that enhances vapor production. Many juices have nicotine content as well. The flavors vary from creamy to juicy. Creamy flavors usually mix well with nicotine, but might not produce thick vapors. Although they taste amazing and meet nicotine needs, they might not be fun. Fresh juicy flavors on the contrary, provide thicker clouds.

Uncle Junk’s

Uncle Junk’s are well known for their nicotine rich juices. One of their well-known flavors is honey do. This fresh flavor is a combination of melon and honey. Amazing taste and nicotine satisfaction. What else can one ask for?

Air factory

Air factory has the best fruity flavor collections out there. This juice is best for cloud lovers. Those who love to do vape tricks, can now enjoy great flavor too. Famous flavors include blue razz and mystery!


Vaping is a great alternative to smoking, so know what vaping essentials you will need. These vapors might not be healthy, but they aren’t dangerous. There’s no tar at all, so there’s nothing sticking into the lungs. They offer great taste too. Smoking not only affects badly to lungs, but damages teeth too. The bad smell can stay for several hours as well. None of these are true for vaping.

So what are you waiting for? Even if you are not a smoker. Go now  HERE and check out their huge collection of vaping products now. You might find vaping quite fun and enjoyable too. Who doesn’t like clouds?